2Kays Effect


The 2Kays Effect is our donation program that collects all types of new, or gently used soccer gear. Donations are distributed to local underprivileged youth through our after school programs, and our partner charity group, Jugamos Ministry

The Jugamos Ministry, was founded by Debbie Haliday (Former UCLA Women’s Basketball and Softball player) and provides support to an orphanages in Mexico. Orphans are given the opportunity to participate in a soccer camp where they receive free equipment and meals that they would otherwise go without.


The 2Kays Effect  was established in loving memory of my younger brother Glen Enrique Robles, who passed away in 2014. His nickname among his close friends was Kike, or 2Kays.

Glen was a loving, caring, goofy, and down to earth person. He was always there for his friends when they needed a shoulder to lean on. Glen was most known for his generosity and eagerness to put the needs of others above his own. In his memory, the 2kays Effect seeks to continue Glen’s legacy of selfless love and generosity.

After Glen “2Kays” Robles passed away, I was looking for old pictures/videos on the computer to see his face. I wanted to see his smile, hear his laugh, see him dance, or just acting himself. My sister, Jenny, came across a video of him and showed me. It was a video of a homeless guy that didn’t have any shoes. He was standing  in the hot sun and my brother, Glen, noticed. Being the person that he was, he decided to  take off his brand new shoes and walked over to the man and gave him his shoes off his own feet. That is the true definition of what the 2Kays Effect is; to spread love to those who are less fortunate.

We accept all soccer gear: EX: jerseys, shorts, soccer shoes, indoor soccer shoes, and soccer balls.

In Loving Memory Of Glen “2Kays” Robles. 

Love and Miss you lil bro.


Romans 10:13 Anyone that calls upon the name of the Lord, Shall be Saved”