After School Program

Over the past 3 years, Let’s Kick It has grown to reach more than 15,000 students at over 25 schools in Sacramento County. Our program is on-site and helps kids build character, eat healthy, and enjoy physical activity.


Character Development

As a primary focus of the program, every week
is structured around a core character trait.

Discussion Groups

Students are taught the meaning of each of our
10 core character traits, why they’re important,
and how they apply to their lives. 

Observation & Interaction  

Coaches closely observe student behavior,
stepping in when teachable moments arise and
participating in activities to motivate and guide students.


Growing a Healthier Future
Nutrition education and support for healthy eating


We believe every child should understand
why nutrition is important for their well-being,
what constitutes a balanced diet, and
how to make healthy food choices. 

Our curriculum introduces students to the importance of
eating from all five food groups using a variety of hands-on
activities, and providing them with a nutrition education that
will last a lifetime.



Physical activity is a core
component of living a vibrant
and healthy life.

Regardless of our student’s playing experience, a combination of our
coaches encouragement, the
free and creative platform that soccer provides, and a child’s
high energy level
creates a perfect environment for developing a student’s desire to maintain an active lifestyle.

Most importantly, numerous studies indicate that physical activity helps to improve academic performance.