Our Partners

Being the first partner of Let’s Kick It, Travelodge has seen us and will continue to see us make impacts in every community. Travelodge has helped bless the youth with shirts for our program at schools and our charity camps. They have made an impact to over 15,000 children’s, making them feel happy and part of a team with the shirts they have provided. 
Partnering with Sutter Health is a huge accomplishment for Let’s Kick It. Not only do we provide opportunities for children at school but children with medical necessities. Whether it’s helping out a cause or helping with a patients needs, Let’s Kick It will always help in any way. Make sure to sign your children up every year at our annual charity camp!
The best authentic Mexican food in Sacramento, partners with the best soccer program! Just like Let’s Kick IT, Super Tacos provides quality and authenticity to the community, leaving every customer greatly satisfied. Super Tacos provides the best food for our program, getting the parents involved with their child, creating great memories.
As a soccer program that promotes an active and healthy lifestyle, It was only right to partner with Jamba Juice. Jamba Juice is dedicated to keeping a healthy and active lifestyle and that is what Let’s Kick It is all about. Just like Jamba Juice if you would like to change a child’s life in a healthy way, you can by donating to the soccer program.
Let’s Kick It leadership team works hard, being the best positive role-model/mentor to the youth. So being able to partner with the best meal prep,”2K’s Meal” was a great way to keep our team healthy and energized being ready. Click on the picture to go straight to 2K’s Meals to learn more about the great service they provide!